The Scheme, The Team, The Dream


Pete Masterman first hit the radar screen of McKinley’s HR department while attempting to sell his ex-wife on eBay. Legend has it that the model in question was wrongly listed (and perhaps inaccurately described) as ‘Lightly used’; McKinley supremo David Townend knew a bargain when he saw one and before you could say “Going twice” Pete had dropped everything and started work on the railway’s extension. Pete’s background in electrical work at Flight Refuelling made him a natural choice to take on the massive task of building the new railway, and to date Pete has been involved in just about every aspect of the project.

First and foremost that has meant laying the track and installing the wiring on more than 40 new custom-built baseboards; a massive task which, if left to Network Rail, would have resulted in huge cost and time overruns and parliamentary calls for a public inquiry. Not with Pete though. He disappeared for weeks on end to his top floor lair, venturing out for sustenance only after dark, as the colossal jigsaw of plywood sections slowly went together. This modelling Ramadan saw him lay hundreds of feet of OO track and connect enough wire to encircle Poole harbour seven times over.

But it didn’t end there; Pete is a keen modeller in his own right, and enjoys working on structures, buildings and scenery (he also recently finished a radio-controlled model of HMS Sheffield). He admits to hating not being busy which, giving the scale of the McKinley project, is probably just as well.