The Scheme, The Team, The Dream

The CAD Man

“Aussie” Steve Davies is another McKinley recruit from the Wimborne Model Railway Society, although he attributes his first encounter with the railway to the time he spotted some model trees through an upstairs window at McKinley Towers while out enjoying a family walk.

Although first reluctant to join a club trip to McKinley because it ticked none of his modelling boxes (it was a DCC layout, British outline and, worst of all, featured no HO scale kangaroos), Steve had a late change of heart and subsequently enjoyed the visit. But that was the extent of his involvement until he suggested to the McKinley High Command an idea for a massive train storage extension to the existing layout. After several evolutions this would eventually become the extension to the original layout.

These days Steve has two main roles at McKinley. Firstly, he acts during running sessions as the principal interface between the human operators and the software which controls automated train movements (Railroad & Co’s Train Controller).

Secondly, he has also been heavily involved with the constructional design work for the extension, using a CAD package to draw the designs of the baseboards and their supporting framework. This work is the process by which the owner’s concept has been turned into a practical reality, and has been critical to the smooth development of the entire project.