The Scheme, The Team, The Dream

Peter Edwards

Now here’s a familiar tale. A modeller, being the curious type, once sought to learn more about the principles behind computer automation. He plugged into the Dorset DCC Dark Web and eventually a clandestine meeting with McKinley owner David Townend was arranged.

All went well initially, but within weeks the modeller’s serene and uncluttered railway world was turned on its head, his previous layout trebled in size and complexity, and suddenly everything got a lot more interesting. And Peter isn’t the only member of the McKinley team who could tell you a version of this story.

Now at this point things probably could have gone in one of two ways. Happily the apprentice learned well from the sorcerer, and has now slipped effortlessly into an advisory capacity at McKinley Towers on Train Controller, the software which powers the automated aspects of the railway.

His role is principally to set up the next instalment of Train Controller for the railway’s extension, and occasionally adapt the structure of the layout within the software. And, when time permits, Peter also gets involved with loco sound development.

Although he doesn’t consider himself to be a club man in the traditional sense Peter enjoys the informal social feel when the McKinley team gets together. He likes the fact that everyone has some kind of specialism, and the amount of knowledge sharing that can take place benefits the whole team.