The Scheme, The Team, The Dream

The Team Man

Steve got back into model railways after years on the corporate wheel; he took early retirement and wanted to find a hobby. Being a thoughtful and methodical chap he dipped his toe in the water by picking up a Bachmann locomotive and piece of track, and was very impressed with how the quality and technology had progressed during his two decades away from the hobby.

He felt it was the right time to explore the possibilities offered by DCC and duly attended a PECO workshop at which he was shown a DVD about Digitrax featuring David Townend’s McKinley Railway. For Steve, the die was cast.Having then reviewed various DCC systems he was about to go Lenz, but then recognised David from the DVD at an American HO event, got chatting and asked if he could have a look at McKinley to learn some more about DCC.

These days Steve is a pillar of the McKinley community, with his main role one of guiding and coaching visitors, with an emphasis on station operations. Steve has also been a core member of the Computer DCC demo roadshow team, charming visitors of all levels of experience from his soapbox with his clear and warm delivery as he unwrapped the mysteries of DCC. (Ed – Just imagine if we’d let him sell anything!)

Steve has also played a big part in testing the new iPad operations system and the wiring of the extension baseboards.

So what’s his motivation? “I enjoy the fact that McKinley gives me something to aspire to as well, of course, as the social camaraderie.

“I like to be able to share with other people what McKinley is, and getting people to 'have-a-go' themselves.”