The Scheme, The Team, The Dream

Wiring for DCC - Just two wires? Yeah, right.

many wires





With a relatively simple layout, it is often proclaimed that only two wires are required to provide power for a DCC system. However, McKinley Railway is not a simple layout and there are hundreds more wires than just the proclaimed two. This section will delve a little more into why we need so many.

Track Power Planning

With any large layout, careful planning of the power requirements and supply is essential. These are the things we had to consider...

Block Creation & Detection

Block detection is critical to any computer-controlled layout. Here's why....

Feedback Sensors

The computer needs to 'see' what's happening on the layout. This is how it is done...

Loconet - The 'Ring Main' that links everything together

It usually helps if we're all on the same "bus". No, not that bus, this "bus"...


The signalling has no actual effect on the control system, but it does look nice.