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Timetable Manager (Fat Controller)

The Timetable Manager sits in a dedicated area outside the layout room and captures information from the Station Managers around the railway.


train list





The Timetable Manager has a special version of the timetable with a summary list of all train movements organised by sequence number (time) and station name.



The Timetable Train 'Summary' List

train list close





The collated information relates to the locomotive and rolling stock used for a specific train, and is then passed over to the computer operator. The Timetable Manager also has to inform Station Managers of all impending arrivals.




 Collated information: Loco No., Direction, Platform and Coach Set No.


The Timetable Manager is responsible for:

  • Liaising with each station to check for problems
  • Ensuring that all stations have completed their tasks in sequence
  • Cancelling trains if necessary
  • Adding special trains and notifying the relevant stations



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