The Scheme, The Team, The Dream

One of my jobs as the weather man is to crew the trains. I call these crew  “the little people”  one because a I am a little person myself topping the measuring stick at five foot three and three quarters of an inch ( I have no idea what that is in grams and amps as I am not familiar with the metric system). The second reason is in some of the locos I try to create little scenarios and I even give the crew names. Let one thing be clear I have never claimed any hold on sanity. Insanity does not run through my family but it does meander through.

Your brand new steam loco has arrived. You’ll be excited by the livery that you have been waiting months to see in the flesh. You may even be impressed by the detail. You are one happy bunny.

But alas dear reader, you will always be disappointed by the plastic lumps in the tender that are supposed to represent coal. It never looks right.

...I'm a three man!


Numbers are important as I once witnessed at a boating lake “Come in number 9 your time is up”. “Oops we only have 6 boats”. “Number 6 you have capsized.”